Have you had artificial grass installed by Grosvenor Grass in your garden?

Artificial grass is low maintenance, not no maintenance. To get the very best out of your artificial grass, there are a few simple steps that we suggest to keep it in tip-top condition.


After a while, soil, twigs and other unwanted stuff might find their way onto your grass. This won’t affect it at all, but if left over a long time it could encourage weeds to grow. Simply go over your grass with a stiff brush or a plastic rake (but not a metal one), or a garden blower/vac. If you have animals using a power washer is recommended from time to time to wash away any animal urine that the rain doesn’t keep on top of.


From time to time, give your grass a good going over with a stiff brush or plastic rake. This will perk up the pile of your grass, especially in areas that aren’t used so much. It’s a bit like giving your hair a comb and will smarten up the look of your grass.


We’re sure you already know – artificial grass is great for pets. Just let them do their business as usual – it won’t discolour or die like natural grass. However, now and again, just give your grass a bit of spruce up with a hose down/ power wash and good spray of our artificial grass cleaner. This will freshen it up and reduce the build up of odours.


If you have artificial grass installed, this will reduce weeds and moss growing, however it won’t get rid of the threat totally. Unfortunately, weeds can attach themselves onto anything. Most weed killers are fine to use on your artificial grass however, a patch test is always recommended (wait at least 24 hours and check there is no visual effect ). Just pick the weeds out carefully, don’t worry, you won’t harm the artificial grass!


We at Grosvenor Grass do not only take pride in the original installation of your new artificial lawn, we would like to offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our low cost maintenance visit.

What this service includes:

  • Treating any weed issues i.e. edge weeds and the odd sporadic weed or moss outbreak.
  • Full power brush up

 Using this service will leave your artificial lawn looking fresh again, like the day it was installed! 

Grosvenor Grass recommend this service at least once a year 

Service: FROM £70.00 – Please give us a call to book in! 01493 604070 or 01603 920404

You may find that you require a quote for other maintenance work i.e..

  • Work on your sub base, due to extremes in weather, settlement, mole or vermin problems, excess water being poured on to your garden ( paddling and swimming pools being emptied straight onto your grass ). All these can cause your base work to shift and make your garden feel lumpy.
  • New wooden batons, due to age or changes to your garden shape.
  • Damages caused to your artificial grass i.e. pets, burns ( caused by BBQ’s, Fire Pits or reflective decorative garden ornaments )
  • If Grosvenor Grass installed your grass originally, any enquiries relating to maintenance or repairs will be favourably priced. Call for a quotation.



"Really pleased with the work that was carried out by your team of men two in particular what had worked for us on the Wednesday Thursday and Friday. They were really efficient polite and also checked that I was pleased with something before they done it they are really hardworking and a credit to your company.I have never seen two men work so hard to achieve my dream garden. I have a garden with little or no maintenance at all.i would highly recommend your company to friends and family." - Mrs Young, Lowestoft

"Grosvenor Grass were hard working and professional, they helped me achieve the desired effect I wanted, I will and have recommended Grosvenor Grass to everyone." - Darren Huckerby – Norwich City Football Club

"We don't have an overly large garden, but neither myself nor my husband enjoy cutting grass. I do however enjoy my pots and baskets. Having artificial grass fitted has enabled me to spend plenty of time in my garden enjoying the parts of gardening I like. Thank you Grosvenor Grass. Lovely grass! Lovely job!" - Mr and Mrs Whitaker, Ormesby St. Margaret

"The lads did an amazing job of our lawn today. Thank you so much. Love it!!! Would definitely recommend. Great service." - Mrs Webster, Norwich

"Great work carried out on the lounge flooring & garden, helpful & friendly staff in the office / showroom & the team performing the work. Lovely job." - Mr Rundell, Bradwell

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